PolyBioWire - screen printing grade

P30809352PBW transparent

Through an innovative 'biosourcing' process, Poly-Ink is now able to offer stable ink for the production of transparent conductive films with screen printing process.

PolyBioWire, screen printing grade are silver nanowires based inks which offer real substitutes to ITO. They allow the creation of transparent conductive films offering a level of performance similar to ITO, i.e. with similar electrical and optical performance on transparent and flexible media.

These transparent and conductive materials are the basis for the manufacture of printed electronics on flexible substrates requiring high levels of optical transparency and electrical conductivity, such as OLED or OPV applications.

PolyBioWire inks bring a solution to the actual low stability level of silver nanowires suspensions and can be used without sintering step.

PolyBioWire can be deposited on many substrates, polymer films (PET, PEN, KaptonĀ® ...) and glass.

PolyBioWire Advantages :

  • High transparency
  • Very high conductivity
  • Use on Flexible Film
  • Ease of implementation
  • No sintering needed
  • Low environmental impact
  • Highly stable ink

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